To The Shore – Traceability

Fishing Areas & Boat Tracking

“As much as one-third of seafood sold in restaurants and groceries is fraudulently labeled, according to a report the advocacy group Oceana released Thursday. The group sampled 674 retail outlets in the District of Columbia and 20 states between 2010 and 2012, often finding cheaper, farmed fish being sold in place of wild-caught ones.”  By Juliet Eilperin and Tim Carman, The Washington Post, Feb. 21, 2013

Today, the issue of traceability is on the lips of the consumer, the distributor, the processor and the harvester. Oceans Fleet, having 19 vessels in its fleet, is truly a vertically integrated seafood company. We track each of our boats and use this capability to create unique traceability programs for our committed customers. Each lot of our fresh sea scallops are traced from the boat (even if we purchase from independent vessels) to our customers for true traceability!

Oceans Fleet Fisheries - Blue Label Scallops

Oceans Fleet utilizes modern traceability technology!

Working with key retailers and food service distributors we are able to track the scallops harvested from our own fleet to the boat, the day and the location of the harvest. Using smart technology we are able to label these products with codes that can be scanned by the end user.  Our “Oceans Fleet Signature Blue Label Sea Scallops” are the first sea scallop that has been able to trace directly to the harvest date, location and boat!

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